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UPDATE for Smith Ranch Area Members

As of 10/25/2018 power has been restored to all meters.

HCEC cleaned out all Member disconnect boxes (located under the meter). All main breakers are turned OFF. Members will need to switch on the main breakers (located under the meter) to restore power.

If there are any issues, contact HCEC to come check it.

REMEMBER the meter is energized - Please use caution.



Due to the recent rain and associated flooding, our electric lines in your area suffered significant damage. At this time, we do not have a timeframe for complete service restoration; but, it could be significant.

We understand the inconvenience of not knowing when service will be restored. However, the floodwaters must subside before we can survey the damage and give you a more precise timeframe for service restoration.  Once we can enter the area, we will sectionalize the damage, make repairs and restore service.  We will remain in contact with you regarding service restoration though letters, email and phone.

We assure you that all available resources will be utilized and we will be doing everything within our power to restore service as quickly as possible.  Meanwhile, if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 254-386-3123 or 1-800-595- 3401. We appreciate your patience.

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