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To maintain equitable geographical representation of all areas on the board of directors, Hamilton County Electric Cooperative’s bylaws provide for seven districts from which directors are to be elected.

The three-year term of the directors representing District 1 and District 3 expire this year.


  • District 1 is the area west of U.S. Highway 281 in Hamilton County served by the Cooperative.


  • District 3 is the area in Coryell County served by the Cooperative.


As usual, the Cooperative will elect Directors by mail ballot only.

One ballot will be mailed to each membership in a separate mailing on July 10. Any member may vote for one candidate in each district listed on the ballot. You do not have to live in one of these districts to cast your vote. Please include your name and address on the ballot return envelope so the co-op can use it to confirm voter membership. Voter membership must be confirmed for votes to be counted. Please do not enclose bill payment in the ballot envelope.

The votes will be counted Friday, August 2. Members must mail their ballots in time for the ballots to arrive in the Hamilton County Electric post office box by Friday, August 2, at noon. Results of the Director Election will be announced later that evening during the Annual Membership Meeting.

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