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Hamilton County Electric Cooperative Association Rates And Fees Schedules

Rate 01

Residential & All Non-Residential Under 50kW, Single Phase


Customer Service Charge $ 15.00 per month
Energy charge $ 0.0807 per kWh


Customer Service Charge $ 15.00 per month
Energy charge $ 0.0807 per kWh

All Non-Residential Under 50kW, Three Phase

Customer Service Charge $ 25.00 per month
Energy charge $ 0.0807 per kWh

Rate 02

All Non-Residential Over 50kW

Customer Service Charge $ 50.00 per month
Demand charge $ 3.82 per kW of billing demand
Energy charge First 200 kWh per billing kW @ $0.0722 per kWh
  Next 200 kWh per billing kW @ $0.0491 per kWh
  Over 400 kWh per billing kW @ $0.0327 per kWh

Outdoor Lighting

48-Watt LED $ 8.50 per lamp / per month         @ 18kWh
400-Watt High Pressure Sodium  $ 19.50 per lamp / per month        @175kWh
48-Watt LED Install (existing pole) $ 280.00
48-Watt LED Install (with pole) $ 1,170.00
48-Watt SL relocation on pole $ 185.00
400-Watt HPS SL Install (existing pole) $ 325.00
400-Watt HPS SL Install (with pole) $ 1,215.00
400-Watt HPS SL relocation (on pole)  $ 325.00
Connect Existing Security Light $ 100.00

(a maximum of 200’ of service is furnished at no charge for each pole installed.)

Miscellaneous Service Fees

Collection fee $ 40.00
Reconnection fee $ 40.00
Disconnection for non-payment $ 40.00
Trip fee (e.g. trip for meter connection, change of name, or meter reading) $ 25.00
Membership fee $ 10.00
Returned Check fee $ 25.00
Deposit minimum (if required) $ 400.00

Billing Adjustments

All monthly charges shall be increased or decreased on a uniform per kWh basis for Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF)


Accounts that become past due will be charged a penalty at 5% or $5.00 whichever is greater.

All rates and fees are subject to change.

Sales tax will be charged when applicable.

New Service

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