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Message from The Manager

Steve Young

This May, Take Time To Plug Into Safety

This month I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the importance of safety. May is Electrical Safety Month, and Hamilton County Electric Cooperative is dedicated to sharing safety tips and helping raise awareness about the dangers of electricity. We all depend on electricity to power our lives, but accidents can happen when power sources are improperly used.




Our Responsibility to You


Hamilton County EC’s concern for safety extends beyond our employees. We care deeply about the safety of our members, and this month, we encourage you to plug into safety. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, thousands of Americans are critically injured or killed annually as a result of electrical fires and accidents in their own homes.


To promote safety education in our local communities, we offer safety programs to area schools and regularly provide electrical safety content in these pages. We encourage you to contact us if you see a downed power line or any other dangerous electrical situation.


We strive to provide our communities with safe, reliable and affordable electricity and to serve as your trusted energy adviser, now and well into the future.


Our Responsibility to Our Employees


It is no accident that safety is a top priority among the employees of Hamilton County EC. We are committed to a culture of safety that is integral to our daily operations.


Our lineworkers are required to wear personal protective equipment when on the job. This includes special fire-resistant clothing that will self-extinguish, limiting potential injuries from burns and sparks. Insulated and rubber gloves are worn in tandem to protect from electrical shock.


Our employees—those in the field and in the office—regularly attend programs to enhance their safety awareness. Our lineworkers start each job with a tailgate meeting to discuss the project before them and how best to complete it safely.


As the general manager and CEO of Hamilton County EC, I believe it is my duty and responsibility to raise awareness about the importance of electrical safety. That’s why I encourage you to take a moment to plug into safety.











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