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Message from The Manager

Cody Lasater


Democracy at
Your Cooperative


HAMILTON COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE is a democracy, and one of the most important activities we conduct every year is an election for the board of directors. These are the people you entrust to guide the co-op in matters of policy and ensure its thoughtful governance.

The directors of a co-op are also members of the co-op. Board members make strategic decisions for the organization while employees handle the operations.

Electric co-ops need your active participation, and at Hamilton County EC we try to make it as convenient as possible for members to have their say.

As a member of Hamilton County EC, you have the right, and obligation, to vote in cooperative elections. Hamilton County EC mailed out director election ballots August 22.

The 2023 ballot includes director elections for districts 4, 6 and 7. Learn more about the board of director nominees here. We know that democracy is not a perfect form of governing; it just happens to be the best one we know of. If we can practice doing it well at the local level, perhaps we can have a positive impact on our democratic nation.

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